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Welcome to the Legacy of Life Web Site

Sponsor Yasir!Legacy of Life was founded by Sue and Richard Cansdale after their only daughter, Zoë, became a tissue donor in 1998. Her heart valves transformed the lives of two little girls. Her cornea restored sight to a 24 year old man. This is a great comfort to them and their family. They want to tell that message.

Transforming Lives Book AdvertIf you were hit by a bus, what would happen to your organs? Thousands die waiting for organs we burn and bury every day.

If someone you loved was dying, would you hope a family would give precious organs to save them? If it was the other way round, could you do the same for them? This website tells you more about organ donation. It celebrates what has been achieved through transplantation.

On it you can read wonderful stories of courage and hope - true, inspiring, personal stories told by donor families, recipients of transplants and medical professionals involved with transplantation. At this moment, about 8000 people in the UK are waiting for transplants.

About 450 die every year. People like two year old Hassan Malik, who died in April 2006, waiting for a matching heart which did not come in time. Even with a loving family, the best of nursing care, the most skilled and dedicated surgeons – if a gift of organs is not offered there can be no second chance.


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