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What is "Transforming Lives"?

Transforming Lives is a well balanced, informative, attractively illustrated book, celebrating what has been achieved through transplantation. It contains over 30 inspiring, true stories by donor families, recipients of transplants and medical professionals involved with transplantation. It is not ‘just a book of sad stories’. It is lifted by beautifully written poems and humorous one liners from children.

What does it do?

Tranforming Lives BookThis book informs, changes attitudes and makes you want to be a donor. Transplanting major organs saves lives. Corneas restore sight. Bone, sinew and cartilage are used in reconstructive surgery and skin makes a perfect natural dressing for badly burned patients. Every story in Transforming Lives teaches something different.

Some people never know who their donor was. Some donor families never discover how their loved one helped. The stories in Transforming Lives help to fill this void.

Learning that only a transplant can save your life is frightening. Reading personal accounts of successful transplants is comforting and reassuring.

How did it come to be written?

Like most people, Richard and Sue never thought much about transplants until their student daughter, Zoë, was killed in a road accident. She had said if anything ever happened to her, she would want to be a donor. When the unthinkable happened, they remembered. It was a great comfort knowing she had helped three young people with her tissues.

Sue was asked to tell her story at a Transplant Study Day at the Freeman Hospital. There were many other speakers. Transplant co-ordinators and transplant surgeons talked about their work. Recipients of transplants talked of how their lives had been transformed and their deep and lasting gratitude to their donors.

As Sue listened, she thought, ‘If only others could hear what I am hearing, there would be no shortage of donors. There should be a book!’ They formed a charity with friends and raised the money. Transforming Lives was launched in September 2006.

They plan to make a DVD and give copies of Transforming Lives to every school and hospital in the UK

If you would like to own a print copy of "Transforming Lives", we make it available for a donation of £10. This amount enables us to print more copies of the book for distribution in schools, hospitals and wherever else it can do good. Click HERE or in the menu to go to our shop page.

Download the book now by clicking on the PDF icon below:

PDF Link to Transforming Lives Book
Transforming Lives Book


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